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Fuck Your Fears

Fuck Your Fears

Yea that's right...F 'em!

My dearest friend Kayla surprised me with this lovely yet super direct journal for Christmas and I'm so grateful! Her note said “I hope you use this journal to manifest your dreams into reality.” Kayla knows the fears I've had over the years with running my business Truly Aesthetic along with following my other life work passions such as my food photography and starting this beautiful blog. It’s been a long road full of uncertainty, which can most definitely bring about some intense fear.

So what does it mean to "fuck your fears?"

To me, it's a 2 fold process. First, it means to not let your fears stop you from walking into your intended path. Second, it means to deal with your fears directly and walk straight into them. What’s interesting is that our minds tend to conjure up something terrifying like a mythical creature with 10 heads, so we run for the hills or my favorite place, hide under a fluffy blanket. However, when you actually face your fears, that good ol’ hindsight bias rolls in and you’re like “damn that wasn’t so bad after all. I guess I should feed my tummy since I haven’t eaten in 3 days!”

About this little journal…

I decided to write a list of my fears in this journal because it will release them from my mind and put them right in my face. My fears are valid in the terror they produce, however when I look at them on paper, it makes them tangible and easier to handle. So far so good!

You can get your own Fuck Your Fears Mini Journal from the lovely Tricia at Your Joyologist! If you already have one, please share with me how you use yours and let’s conquer these fears together!

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