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Aesthetic Victuals: The tiny joy of Kumquats

Aesthetic Victuals: The tiny joy of Kumquats

Even its name is cute! 

Winter is the season for juicy Vitamin C! There's one variety of citrus that is very interesting during this time of year and that is the kumquat. This little citrus fits in the palm of your hand and it's length is just over an inch long. As a food photographer, I find joy in capturing the essence and eclectic forms of nourishment. I must say, the kumquat has been the perfect model of provisions thus far!

Tiny, tangy, little orange wheels...

A cross section cut of the kumquat displays a tiny wonder of beauty. What's fascinating about this fruit is that it's a conundrum when it's time to eat it. Most citrus fruits like the navel orange or clementine have a bitter peel and pith with sweet and juicy segments inside. The kumquat however, is a different story. This type of citrus is one that you eat whole...peel and all! The peel is actually sweet with a pleasant crunch while the inside delivers a sour punch. Taking a bite to indulge in both flavors is an experience for your tastebuds! Just be careful of the seeds and you'll enjoy one of the cutest snacks ever! 

Tiny and mighty!

Besides being cute and different from the rest, the kumquat has excellent nutritional value! It's rich in fiber and potassium as well as vitamins A & C. Eating the peel brings the added benefit of ingesting healthy essential oils such as limonene, pinene and a-bergamotene. Who knew something so small could have such an amazing impact?! Kumquats are in season from November to March and they can be found in stores such as Whole Foods, Fresh Market, Trader Joe's and farmers markets.    

Do you enjoy eating these little treats? If so, share you experience and favorite recipes in the comments below!

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