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Durham Delights

No matter where you go, there is something delightful here...

This is how I feel about my home of Durham, North Carolina. I was talking with babycakey (yes that's what I call my partner in love) the other day and we were talking about our love of the Bull City with all of its quirky, charming and sometimes not so charming attributes. She looked at me while smiling brightly and said "those are called Durham Delights!"

Durham Delights are founded in legacy yet they remain fresh with new energy...

Durham Delights consist of the beautiful red doors of the hidden Loflin Building tucked away off Orange Street, breathtaking city skyline views from The Durham Hotel Rooftop, deep and lively alleys, the dynamic history and rebirth of Black Wall Street (Thank you Tobias of Kompleks Creative!) and of course, an eclectic food scene that causes a foodie to have eye sweats of joy due to tastebud overload. Yes...I said eye sweats! 

This is only an inkling of the Durham Delights spectrum from my perspective. Are you a fellow Bull City resident or had a chance to experience this wonderful city? Tell me your version of Durham Delights in the comments below!   

Aesthetic Victuals: The tiny joy of Kumquats

Aesthetic Victuals: The tiny joy of Kumquats